Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Information report Machu Picchu

    Have you ever heard about machu picchu?

Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, it is renown for its history and dry-stone walls that are huge blocks fused without the use of mortar. The buildings have been standing there for more than 400 years and offer panoramic views. It’s exact former use remains a mystery.

Did you know in 1985 the Spanish king and queen landed their helicopter on Machu Picchu, and for that to happen, they had to remove an entire altar - literally a piece of history just smashed to land an helicopter! Shocking right.

Inca citizens were very smart, and they built a massive temple called Ollantaytambo. 
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Inca people were never enslaved, they were very proud to help out. When civil war started between the Spanish, they built this temple to store food, water, and more. To combat the Spanish invaders, they used to dam the river and flood the surrounding towns.The only Inca town where many residents still live in the ancient Inca buildings dating back centuries, a great temple built with huge stones in a very fine style and a sanctuary with canals and waterfalls. The origin of the name has several approaches. According to the Aymara language, Ollantaytambo comes from the word ulla-nta-wi, which means "place to look down," the word tambo, is added later. For the Quechua language, the name comes from the word Ollanta (which is the name of an Inca captain, whose story was saved as an oral tradition and written as a drama by Antonio Valdez, a priest of Urubamba in the mid-eighteenth century) and the term, tambo, a Spanish derivation of the word Quechua tampu, which means "city that offers accommodation, food and comfort to people. Ollantaytambo was more important than Machu-picchu.


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Amber’s and Haka’s creepy sleep over

Amber  and I had an adventure plan to wake up in the middle of the night. Marty (Amber’s Dad) tucked us into bed, but he didn’t know we were up all night.  When Marty went to bed,we hid a torch under the blanket.

It was midnight, Marty and Amber’s little brother was sleeping. Marty was looking after the house because Amber’s grandparents went to a wedding in Fiji. Amber and I slowly creeped down stairs ,“Woof woof” barked Bow! We suddenly zoomed back to the room pretending to be asleep.

Marty opened the door slowly to our room, he thought we were sleeping.

We creeped up very quietly this time without a noise, we went down the creaky wooden steps . Amber pushed open the door to the mini putt. But we didn’t know that someone was watching us. POP “what the hell” Amber said, I shone the torch where the sound had came from…

Haka screamed “HELP”. A bloody hand wrapped around Hakas neck like a snake. “OMG”.
Haka dropped the torch when she was getting captured, Amber picked up the torch and shone it on the ground there was trial of blood…

The torch fluttered like a butterfly, before it turned pitchblack. Amber tried feeling for the door. She felt around for the torch and started to hit the torch, there was no use she tried and tried again and again.

When Amber was looking down she bumped into something. She thought it was a wall she looked up it was a clown a killer clown.
Amber’s trembling feet ran as fast as she could in the pitch black.                                
Amber woke, her eyes were blurry. All she could hear was a balloon pop and a evil laugh She looked around, she tried to stand up. She couldn't stand up because her hands their tied together around a pole in the bowl a rama center. She yelled “ Haka are you there?” There was a slight hum coming closer and closer…

And they both was killed...but the killer clown still remains in the bowl a rama center and the two girls Haka and Amber their bodys was never found.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

My Jazz Exam

At Jazz I was so nervous,shy and excited. I had the bright red cheeks. I felt like a heavy clock was on my shoulder just ticking and ticking. We all had to say good morning. My voice was like a trembling leaf. I was bumping into other dancer. I knew when she was looking at me when I mucked up. When it was time to finish my feet was stumbling. I quickly tip toed out. My mum give me a big hug at the end and I felt thrilled and happy.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Information report about manatees

Information report about manatee
Manatee are beautiful creatures, that are delicate,and loving. Did you know they live around about 60 years!  

Manatee can be found in shallow waters, slowly moving river, saltwater bays, canals and coastal areas within the United States.

Manatees enemies used to be human.The humans used to hunt manatees for meat and oil. Now the manatee’s worst enemy is orca, crocodiles, alligators and sharks.


Manatees eat lettuce, turtle grass, mangrove leaves, various algae. Florida’s manatees eat more than 60 species of plants.


There are many different types of manatees like the African manatee that weighs 450 kg and the Amazonian manatee whose weight is 420 kg. There are many more species around the world.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Improper fractions work sheet

Hi I’ve been working on my knowledge goal. It is Improper fractions. Here’s a photo.

Quiet Town

This was a very quiet town It name was western town. It was cold and dark and wet no one really had any friends or smiled.

I wiped the condensation off the window oh and yes my name is Ed and I have 2 best friends. There were 3 big trucks being filled with boxes. I wonder outside to look what was happening. A police officer said stop this was a crime scene I saw the yellow tape that was around the house. I was still daydreaming about how unlucky this town was.

I was still standing in front of the officer he was waving his hand in front of me. I turned and went back to my home. I asked my mum “why can’t we just move” I said “we need to save gas and we have a little amount of money. I sat down to have my breakfast “Ed” yelled mum clean your room up it a mess.

At night I would always look out my window I saw a shadow in the alleyway. I got into some warm clothes and quitely jumped out my window. I peered around the corner my heart was beating faster and faster it looked like he was a prisoner that has ran away. I ran to my 2 best friends house. “Isabell” I yelled and taped on the window“what” Said Isabell come with me “ok”.

“Come on let’s go jake” I said. “what muttered jake” with ice cream in his mouth. Just when we were about to see the prisoner. We saw a blue thing just floating in the air. That is what thing? Said isabell. Every time we go near the ghostly looking thing it just would move away. Let’s follow it. “Um are you sure Ed’s yup we will be back in two seconds“ok.”

It lead us out the black rusted broken down gates. They followed it for about half hour. They were all tired. Boom crash the floor opened up keep in mind that they were Miles away from the town in the Forest. “Aaaaa” said jake “he trip while I was looking for the blue ghost thing”. “So much for the two seconds Ed” sorry I was tied. “I guess we need to go down the unground thing” said Ed. “I am not going down there”! Said isabell “YOU HAVE TO” said Ed “OK!” said isabell.

So they went down to the underground tunnel without knowing what wound be down there.  They climbed on wet slippery rusted handlebars “how long is this tunnel” said Isabell . They jumped down. They started to yell out “Jake” “Jake stop playing around we need to get out of here” said Ed. “ED I can hear jake he’s screaming”. They followed the Terrifying scream around the corner. A man in a black suit had put tape on jakes mouth and had a gun pointed to his head.

Jake was screaming so he held jakes nose closed. The man said “I’ll let go until you do something for me”! Jake nodded his head.  The man walked away out of the gross smelly smell of human flesh cave. “HELP ME” screamed Jake. Isabell  and Ed rushed to free him. They Found some unused tools to cut the rope we need to stop falling into traps.

Back at the town Ed’s mum didn’t even realise that Ed and his two best friends were out missing. It was a normal day for her mum but she realised that her kid was missing when she put dinner on the table. She screamed for help and everybody just looked and had a grumpy face.

I wish that we are in a restaurant what had food for free! They all mumble. They saw a house “Ed don’t go in there” said Isabell “it will be fine”. “Hello is someone home”. There was a big black pot. There was a whisper in the air “save the town”  BOOM the big black pot lit up green. Around the Corner there was an old lady with crazy gray messy hair and with old ripped clothes and a stick to help her walk.

“What brings you here?” Said the old lady.“we need to get back home” said Isabelle. They sat down to have a feed. The eww gooey mushroom soup was so gross.“Eww” said Jake in his mind.“Ok I will but you have to go on a journey to uncurse the town. “Westeder town”? Said Ed. “Yes” But then how will we get back home”? You’ll know until you finished your journey BANG she disappeared. “Isabell,Jake there a piece of a paper on the bench it could be a piece of a map”.“Hey that looks like a Palm tree on a beach I’ve been there when I might know the way. They took off to find the palm tree.

Next morning Isabelle woke up “ED EDD JAKE wake up” they were right next to the palm tree. “WOW a that’s one tall palm tree”. “It sure is” Ed and Isabel said. “So what do we do now?” said Jake. “I am going to look inside of the old washed up boat” said Isabelle wait from me Ed and Jake yelled. “Found it” said Isabell “HELP HELP MY FOOT ITS STUCK IN THE SAND!” said Jake. The sinking sand was rushing on top of Jake's foot. Jakes body was shaking.1,2,3 pull! They got is foot out. He struggled to walk because the sand was so heavy on Jake's foot. Let’s sit down to look at this map so they picked the pieces together. They saw a black line leading to a temple.

They walked more than they can handle. The smell of pure black soil (more like mud). “Can we take a break Please” said Isabella “yea we have been walking for a long time”. NO WE CAN'T STOP. Ed’s eyes were bright red and he was Hallucinating he was going crazy they had to leave him right away.

Nexts morning sun the was a sparkler. “Am pretty sure that this is our last stop” said Jake in a proud voice. “Here’s the temple”said Jake. On Isabella bag it had the same symbol. “Hey Jake look at my bag” “really” said Jake and rolled his eyes. “Fine I’ll look at the bag”. “Not funny Jake I am not joking about this”. “Wow that’s trippippy it has the same symbol on your bag”. “Finally”. “Sometimes you a idiot” “wow that’s nice”.” Come on let's just finish this for once and for all aye” “yea I guess you're right”.

Back at the town Ed’s mum saw giving up to find her son. She was think in her head “life is life” as she shrugged and went into her house.

Jake and Isabella went inside the green stone old temple. “The symbol are everywhere, ones on the wall, a dusty scratch up symbol on the roof. “Woah what this” said Jake. It looks like we have to use blood, Jake cut his wrist. All of a sudden a portal opened up. “I guess this is the way back home” said Iabell. They stepped into the portal. WOW it's a whole different place flower were blooming . The sun was shining. Everybody was having a good time. “WHERE'S ED” shouted Ed’s mum. “Clam down” said Jake. He’s gone…. he’s dead. “WHAT NO NO”.

One month later. Ed’s mum has moved on everybody was smiling